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Years of Dedication and Service
Foundation – 1st Generation

Muhammad Jahangir

Jahangir Book Depot came into existence in 1923.  When the darkness of ignorance was prevalent in the sub-continent, a candle of unadulterated and authentic publication started spreading the beams of unprecedented knowledge. Muhammad Jahangir (Late) was one of the ancestors who left no stone unturned and put forth all his vital efforts in establishing a renowned organization in the relevant field.  Through pure dedication, devotion and commitment to excellence, he established a small shop in Naulakha Bazaar, Lahore (Pakistan). The small shop set up by him is recognized all over the country even in this current challenging era. Right from the natal eve, he steered the ship of publishing services towards the harbour of knowledge and learning. He continued to voyage through the dead sea of typical and extinct learning bravely and initiated an innovative era of learning. He breathed his last in 1983 leaving a stimulating collection of learning material which was expeditiously managed by his successor- his son- Niaz Muhammad (Late). He, too, took exemplary steps in steering the tossing ship to the safe harbour of prosperity, dignity and self-assertion.

2nd Generation

Niaz Muhammad

Niaz Muhammad resolved to serve the fellow human beings with matchless zeal and professional fervor in 1965. His novel business approach, which was rooted in the F.C. College, Lahore, opened new horizons of progress and fame for JBD but the angel of eternal destiny invited him to peace valley when he was only 43. However, he did a great deal in proving all his capabilities as a dedicated publisher and translated all the dreams of his late father into living truths. Now, JBD is recognized around the globe as a warrior of enlightenment- engaged in eradicating the darkness of ignorance on the International level.

The passion of commitment was transferred by the ancestors to the present management. This commitment entailed devotion towards maintaining the high standards and professionalism at JBD in order to make it an International Organization. The present management, now comprising of several individuals, has retained the solidarity and integrity of the organization. Consequently, our organization is proudly making progress by leaps and bounds in terms of: publishing, selling and re-printing books about all spheres of learning to meet the needs of the new generation.

The pragmatic approach and the diligence manifested by the present management have transformed the cherished dream regarding world-wide recognition of JBD’s publishing services, into a visible reality. To date, there are more than 2000 publications on all sorts of subjects, devised and distributed by JBD.
“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light’’
Vera Nazarian



After the sudden and mournful demise of Niaz Muhammad, Mr. Nabeel Niaz was the one who continued the voyage amidst the waves of uncertainty in 1987. He made important decisions concerning all aspects of the organization. He proved to be the back-bone of the organization, and even to the present day, his leadership generates indubitable decisions. He manages the head office of JBD and deals with all kinds of financial matters and future planning.


As a dedicated asset to his elder brother (Mr. Nabeel Niaz), Mr. Fawaz Niaz has also shared the responsibility of raising the standard of organization. He has fostered an effective professional approach that has been instrumental in establishing an ever-lasting and distinctive aura of fame and popularity of JBD among the readers of all classes. He is enriched with a pure and unchallenged sense of duty and responsibility and has the vision and the calm temperament to address and resolve even the toughest tasks in an effortless manner. He deals in the sales department and conducts very successful dialogues of collaboration with the International Publication Houses. He is always triumphant in attaining his aims.


Mr. Adeel Niaz is the youngest son of Niaz Muhammad (Late). Although he is a natal asset in the firm, he is determined to his causes and tasks and has had profound impact on the spheres of Arts, Designing, Composing, Scrutinizing the manuscripts, Invigilating the copy pasting and so many parallel jobs since 1995. His amiable conduct and lively negotiating style have made him a much-endeared figure in the publishing world. His devotion, determination, consistency and professional ethics are above board. He has proved to be a ‘PRO’ more than an owner’s kin with his team.

Years of Dedication and Service

Jahangir Book Depot is one of the oldest and prestigious publishing houses in Pakistan. It has been serving the nation in the field of publishing through more than 2,000 extraordinary publications pertaining to almost all fields of knowledge. JBD has published books in the realms of: literature, politics, technical fields, children’s literature, teen fiction, poetry, history, philosophy, Islam, encyclopedias, books for competitive exams etc.

Diversified Portfolio of Business

JBD Press has a diversified portfolio of business equipped with modern technology. Quality and customer satisfaction have always been the hallmarks of our each Strategic Business Unit (SBU). Each Strategic Business Unit has a well-defined strategy for business execution with well- structured marketing campaign. We have also formulated a number of periodicals. Some of our commendable achievements in the realms of magazines include.


JBD is the pioneer publishing house in Pakistan which is manufacturing quality content with the collaboration of the world’s recognized publishing houses such as Microsoft Press Corp, Barron’s Educational Series Inc., Osborn  McGraw Hill, Prentice Hall, Letts Educational Ltd., John Murray, SAMS, New Riders Publishing, Helicon Publishing House , Payne-Gallway, Arcturus, Zambak Publishing House, Highlights, Saraswati, Variety Book Depot, XACT  and many more.

Milestones Achieved

Since its inception, JBD has passed various milestones in publishing books and magazines. JBD’s list of achievements include:

Jahangir’s World Times

Jahangir World’s Times provides authentic information and a critical analysis of the political upheavals of the world thereby facilitating its readers to make an informed evaluation regarding global politics.

Jahangir Sons

JBD has a complete family store with the name of Jahangir Sons, which aims to provide a wide range of quality products for its valued customers.

Chef Special- Urdu

Chef Special in Urdu is another commendable achievement of JBD. It is a leading cooking magazine in Pakistan that has surpassed all of its contemporary counterparts. As the name signifies, Chef Special offers enticing recipes and every successive feature of this magazine, features something new- something special.

Asiana Wedding

Asiana Wedding is another much sought-after fashion magazine published by us. Asiana is the first indigenous wedding and fashion magazine in Pakistan. It is published in collaboration with Asiana Wedding, UK. It caters to the needs of Asian brides by bringing in: indigenous icons from the realm of fashion and beauty, crispy conversations, honeymoon destinations, mainstream wedding venues, designer-wear and other exhilarating stuff.

Teen Times

Teen Times is an infotainment monthly magazine for teenagers. Informative and engaging, Teen Times imparts knowledge in a captivating way. This monthly periodical addresses both the interests and concerns of the younger generation.

JBD Junior

JBD has achieved tremendous success in the JBD Junior section that offers exciting and informative reading matter for kids. JBD Junior has left no stone unturned for setting its mark in the customized learning series for kindergarteners and has devised unique and innovative books on foundational education. In order to contribute to the ever-expanding market of children’s books, JBD introduced its new trademark, namely JBD Junior. For years, JBD Junior has been publishing fantastically festive reading material for budding minds. We have around 2000 titles in pr int and publish all types of children’s books. Our objective is to promote education and make learning a pleasurable and rewarding experience for young learners.

Our brand-new collection of 3D Colouring Books with Augmented Reality App. The vibrant Colour & Colour App is another spellbinding addition to our spectacular array of mobile colouring apps. So brace yourselves because with the help of this App, the exquisitely fabulous illustrations will come to life!

Life Style – Dubai

Specially designed for the international audience, our Chef Special magazine launched from Dubai features an extraordinary variety of: mouth-watering cuisines, exquisite restaurants, health remedies and interviews from celebrated chefs.


Cupcakes is another innovative contribution of JBD. Showcasing a spellbinding variety of gorgeous wrapping papers, Gift Bags, Greeting Cards, Money Folders, Birthday Caps & much more!