Based on the theory that our ancestors adhered strictly to animal based diet, the carnivore diet goes completely against the grain. First month of all meat diet can be the hardest so before you dive into this know some facts.

Adaptation period: How much to eat? 

Your body is getting used to having fats for energy in place of carbs so you will experience fluctuation in appetite. You might eat a portion on a day or may not eat unless you feel hungry. But once you fix this portion the appetite is settled.

You are getting nothing less!

Meat contains all the nutrition like protein, vitamins, and minerals for body’s sustainability. So if you are told that vegetables help provide more nutrition, it is a myth. The carnivore diet does not include vitamin C as your body no longer requires it when carbs are not there.

Bothering about digestion?

It is a childhood story that eating more meat and less vegetables slowdowns the embolism. This is not the right thing to stop you from carnivore diet. You are not going to be constipated with it. All you need to do is, eat the cooked meat rather than raw meat.