Things are rapidly changing now. Gone are the days when books used to take over the classroom environment. Now, games are replacing the books and helping children learn complicated concepts and theories. This is a new and innovative approach, thanks to Information Technology.

As a matter of fact, game-based learning (GBL) is what the future of education would look like in coming days. A research recently conducted by notable international organizations such as Bill Gates Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Educational Testing Service (ETS), Pearson, Inc., Electronic Arts (EA), and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has confirmed that games play a critical role in children’s learning course. Students learn speedily through games that keep them busy, engaged and motivated. Ranging from simpler to complex academic concepts, GBL helps children learn from their mistakes that they are likely to make during gamification process. It is the reason why the developed countries are revitalizing their technologies converting them into user-friendly and learner-friendly gadgets for their young generation.

Other studies show that there is a strong correlation between mental exercises and learning stimuli. Games are teaching the students by never letting them lose their interest at all times. Moreover, certain game elements like point scoring, interactivity and rewards drum up competing interest among children. It is critical that Pakistani parents, teachers and school administrators figure out this situation and instead of engaging the children in online You Tube videos or time-pass video games or other type of playoffs, educational and recreational games should be bought for them as it is a question of their learning and their future. If you are a parent and want to see your children growing up and learning perfectly, you should buy an education enriched game for them. This would be a precious gift from your side.

Alphabetics—–Word Making Game

First time in Pakistan, JBD Press is introducing an educational game in Pakistan. This is an interesting, fun-filled and recreational game to master up word formation process in English language. Those who are curious and enthusiast language learners and want to sharpen their memory by storing lots of vocabulary items in it, here is Alphabetics Word Making Game; an innovative approach to develop vocabulary for long-term memory. With a fun-filled game like this, your child can have lots of exciting learning opportunities in the field of English vocabulary. Note, this is not an online type of game. Rather you have to buy it from a nearby shop and play it with your kids, family members, neighbors, friends, and students.

This is basically a table game imported from Australia and especially designed for school-going children, however, adults can also play it. Two or six persons at a time can play this game. Colorful and full-size cards are used in this game that contain single, two-letter, three letter and four letter cards ranging from vowel to consonants and their combinations. Anyone who shows willingness to play this game, can form words easily and there is no limit for forming them. You can make as many words as you can in a given time. Complete guidance and hints are provided to the learners.


With A4 games box containing 115 letter cards, 3 card packets and 5 plastic-coated instruction sheets, makes this game an ideal one for a group of people, students, family or school. The game helps your child or student enrich their spelling patterns and this exercise leaves a positive impact on your mind and sharpens its memory. Generally, the duration for this game is 45 minutes. However, you can end it any time depending on your engagements and time. Parents can also play this game with their children in leisure time. The game is very useful English language teachers who are facing serious problems in getting their students’ spelling and vocabulary skills enhanced.

So, what are waiting for? Grab your copy today and have a great learning fun. For details, contact 042-35457382-5. Email: